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Sample cover letter/CV

Write your best cover letter and CV

Having a professional looking cover letter and CV is important when you begin contacting various organisations about internships. Take the time to write a good cover letter that presents who you are, highlights your competence and explains why you want to do an internship at the specific organisation.

Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare your cover letter

  • Search for specific information about the organisation and internship you are applying for that you can add to your cover letter.
    For example: Instead of merely saying you are good at writing, it is better to say: "My strong writing skills will be an asset to the company's writing intern position."
  • Avoid writing in the passive voice. Make yourself the subject of the sentence using active words.
    For example: Instead of writing, "My previous employment allowed me to ..." it is better to write: "I demonstrated problem-solving skills on a daily basis during my previous employment."
  • Do not use contractions.
    For example: Do not use don't, it's I'll, etc. Use do not, it is, I will, etc.
  • Triple spell check your cover letter to avoid mistakes! Cover letters are a reflection of your spelling, grammar and punctuation skills, so make them your best work. Nicely ask a friend or teacher to look over your letter.
  • If you are sending your cover letter by post, be sure to sign your name in black ink at the end of the letter.
  • Try to limit your cover letter to one page. 
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