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Places of internship Spring 2020

Follow the links below for information about different internship opportunities. The list is updated continuously.

NOTE: the places below are not evaluated or approved prior to posting, so please make sure they fulfill the requirements for the internship course

Organisations that provide internships:


Sustainergie is Sweden's premier platform for business, organisations, academics and students who want to collaborate on sustainability. Find exciting internships at KRAV, SMHI, Swan and Sustainergies.. Read more here!

Internship network for students and employers. Global Placement

FUF:s Internship Programme

Internships for European students in the UK and Ireland: European Student Placement Agency (ESPA)

Various Internship places: Göteborgs universitet

Various Internship places in Sweden and abroad: Regeringskansliet

Places in Sweden

Statskontoret, Stockholm

Human Rights Watch (HRW), Stockholm

Ernst & Young AB (various cities)

Svalorna Latinamerika, Stockholm (application deadline extended to 31 October)

Rädda Barnen region Syd, Malmö and Växjö

Faugert & Co Utvärdering, Stockholm

Sveriges Kvinnolobby, Stockholm

Fonden för mänskliga rättigheter (The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights), Stockholm

Vardagens civilkurage, Malmö

Hand in Hand Sweden, Stockholm

Naturvårdsverket, Stockholm and Östersund

Individuell Människohjälp (various cities) Note: English-speaking applicants welcome to Internship Global Program Operations Lund 

LSU - Sveriges ungdomsorganisationer, Stockholm

Places abroad

SACC-USA (The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce) application deadline October 31

Sveriges ambassad, Singapore

Sveriges ambassad i Chisinau, Moldavien

Central Sweden European Office, Brussels 

Oxford Research (various cities)

Brysselkontoret för Region Skåne, Lärosäten Syd och Kommunförbundet Skåne, Brussels

North Sweden European Office, Brussels

Svalorna Latinamerika, Bolivia and Peru

The Freight Transport Association (FTA), Brussels

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