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Internship in Sweden or abroad

Who can apply?   

Students registered on a programme at the Department of Global Political Studies, who follow the programme plan, and have passed previous semesters (see below). You need to be motivated, responsible and committed in order to conduct an internship. It can take some time and effort to find a place of internship. We recommend that you attend the information session that we offer in the beginning of each semester. In addition to finding an approved place of internship, you need to have passed 60 credits within your programme (30 credits for Master students) in your main area of studies to be eligible for the internship course.

Students at the following GPS programmes have the opportunity to do an internship one semester within the framework of an elective course:



  • Peace and Conflict Studies (Bachelor)

  • International Relations (Bachelor)

  • European Studies (Bachelor)

  • Human Rights (Bachelor)

  • International Migration and Ethnic Relations (Bachelor and two-year Master's)
  • Political Science: Global Politics (two-year Master's)

Internship as elective course

An internship is carried out during the elective semester of your programme. The entry requirement for the internship course is 60 approved credits (30 credits for Master students) with a certain progression in your main area of studies (i.e. B.A. courses PACS I and II, IR I and II, HR I and II, IMER I and II).  

Your elective semester can be the 3rd, 4th or 5th semester within the programme; find out by checking the applicable syllabus (i.e. the applicable version at the time you were admitted to the programme). Make sure you meet the entry requirements before your internship period starts.

We make no exceptions when it comes to deadlines or requirements. It is recommended to apply for an alternative course at Antagning.se/Universityadmissions.se in case you do not find a place of internship, or if the internship should not be approved.

The purpose of an internship

The aims of the internship are, firstly, to give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge of your main area of studies on a practical level, and, secondly, to provide you with experiences from practical work within the subject at various levels of society, such as information dissemination, training, planning and reporting. The internship must be clearly linked to your main area of studies.

Finding a place of internship

It is your responsibility to find a place of internship and arrange all the practical details. It is a good idea to start your search about six months before your elective semester. Be prepared to put some work into finding a good place of internship. Start with a general search to learn about the wide variety of opportunities, and continue with websites that allow you to search specifically for internships. Network, talk to family members, friends and other contacts who might be in a position to recommend you for an internship or help you locate one. Next, begin to work on your resume (CV) and supporting documents. If you need a certificate confirming that you are a student at Malmö University and that the internship is part of your education, please email the Internship Administrator.

Important points to consider

  • Your internship activities must have a strong connection to your main area of studies.
  • You must arrange your internship yourself and your place of internship must be approved by the Internship Coordinator.
  • Internships must be unpaid and should last between 18-20 weeks on a full-time basis. 
  • You must have a supervisor at your place of internship and specify exact dates for the duration of your internship.
  • Keep in mind that internships in countries or areas that the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) advises against entering will not be accepted by Malmö University.
  • Before you start the internship a written agreement must exist between Malmö University and the place of internship.

Once you have been offered a place of internship

Hand in your application according to the instructions on the internship application form. Attach a document with the following information about the place you have been offered:

  • The name of the workplace, description of the field of activity and contact information.
  • The connection between the internship and your major subject (please do not send links to websites).
  • The name of your supervisor and contact information, including email address.
  • The tasks you will have during your internship. 
  • The exact dates of the duration of your internship - a minimum of 18 weeks.

After your application is completed and your eligibility for the Internship course is confirmed, an agreement will be established between Malmö University and your place of internship.

Internship abroad

Many students choose to do an internship abroad. Once your place of internship outside Sweden has been approved, the next step is to make a registration in the database Moveon. The Internship Administrator will give further information on how to register in the Moveon database. Registration in Moveon and a signed internship agreement will enable you to get insurance during your internship abroad.

Keep in mind that internships in countries or areas that the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) advises against entering will not be accepted by the university. We make NO exceptions to this rule, and are sometimes stricter than UD in our individual assessments of countries of internship, for security reasons. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs normally advises against visits to countries or areas where there is war, war-like situations or other disturbances, and in some cases, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. 

Consider that it may be challenging to work in a developing country under difficult conditions. If you decide to interrupt your internship because it is too difficult, it means you get none of the 30 credits for the Internship course. If you are not an experienced traveller we recommend that you look for a place of internship in Sweden or Europe.

Insurance coverage during internship abroad

Please note that you are not automatically covered by Kammarkollegiets Student UT insurance scheme during an internship placement abroad. In order for you to be covered by the insurance scheme, Malmö University must have a documented agreement or contract with the company or organisation where you are doing your internship. Keep in mind that the insurance is only valid in the country in which the internship is registered; including direct travelling to and from this country. The insurance covers up to 14 days before and after your internship dates. More information about the Insurance, Terms and Conditions, and Claim form.

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