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Elective Courses: Spring Semester 2019

If you are a student in a programme that has an elective semester in the Spring 2019 (check the programme syllabus if you are unsure), the university offers a number of courses for which you will be placed in a programme-specific admission group. Of course you are welcome to apply for courses that are not in this programme specific group as well!

To be admitted to a course you have to fulfil the entry requirements stated in the syllabus. Applications for your elective course(s) are made online (find info below). Please note that you are not guaranteed a place in any of the courses, apply for many courses. 

Application time: 17 September to 15 October 2018

What course should I choose?

During the elective semester you have the possibility to design your education. You can choose any academic course, but should consider if you want to

1. deepen your knowledge in a subject/area you have already studied within the programme or

2. broaden your knowledge with new subjects/areas.

Contact student counsellor Malin Bang Bettini if you wish to discuss your options.

How to apply to courses within the programme?

You have to log in as a current student at Universityadmissions.se by using your Malmö University computer ID.

The application deadline is 15 October. The letter of admission will be available online on December 11. Please note that if you fail to accept your admission online, your admission will be cancelled.

Can I take courses outside the department?

Yes, you can choose other courses at Malmö University, or at other universities in Sweden or abroad. Tuition fees may apply.

Do you have an individual study plan?

Please note that this information may not apply for students that have an individual study plan. Contact your educational coordinator if you have any questions regarding your individual study plan.


NB! Make sure to complete any unfinished programme courses! To be able to be registered for the mandatory semesters within the programme you must meet the entry requirements.

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