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Department of Global Political Studies

Takterrass Niagara

At the Department of Global Political Studies or GPS, we offer programmes and courses that help you make sense of the world. Our academics and research focus on today's burning political issues and their implications for power, security, justice and development. The department is characterised by globalisation and internationalisation, with staff and students originating from many different countries. This diversity contributes to interesting discussions in the seminar rooms and lecture halls where topics such as security, justice, development and the consequences of global processes for power relations are addressed and analysed.

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Studenter i samtal med lärare i klassrumThe courses and programmes at the Department of Global Political Studies are multidisciplinary and several are taught in English. We offer four bachelor’s programmes and three master’s degree programmes, as well as a wide range of courses in all subjects. Students enrolled in the bachelor’s degree programmes have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester and they also may choose to complete an internship for one semester in Sweden or abroad. In addition to the bachelor’s programmes, we offer one or two-year master’s programmes and doctoral studies. We offer bachelor programmes, master programmes and a variety of courses in English.

Programmes and courses offered in English

Research at GPS

Soldat med ett fredsmärke ritat på sin handOur research is devoted to issues of politics, power relations and identity construction in local, national, international and global contexts.

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