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Malmö Student Theatre (MAST)

Malmö Student Theatre (MAST) is run by students, when students are interested. There is no one doing anything at the moment, but a faculty advisor, Adam Gray, is always ready to help you get started. At the moment, there is a small group of students who meet once a week for improviation workshops. They can be found on Facebook at StudentTeatern Malmö. Please join! While they are not officially part of MAST, they are the only theatre happening at the university at the moment. During 2016/2017 they have been very active on Wednesdays. 

MAST is a multicultural group with a wonderful diversity of nations and characters. Our diversity brings joy and creativity to our work. Besides being creative, theatre is also a social activity. We come together from different walks of life, but we all have this common interest that ties us together.

Malmö Student Theatre

Students performing A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2004.


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