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Exams at Malmö University

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Here you will find information about written sit-in exams and take-home exams. Your course lecturer will inform you about which type of assesment applies to your exam. Written sit-in exams take place at a certain location and time, while take-home exams are to be completed at home and submitted before a specified deadline. 

Exam registration

You are required to register for all sit-in exams at Malmö University. If you have not registered on time, you will not be permitted to take the exam and must wait for a re-sit. Almost all written sit-in exams at the University take place at Gäddan (G8).

How to register

Register for a written sit-in exam by logging into the schedule administration system Kronox. Registration will open 21 days before the exam and close 7 days before the examination date. The same applies for re-sits. You will receive an email when exam registration opens for your course. If you have not signed up two days before the registration closes, you will receive a reminder via email.

  • Log in using your user name and password.
  • Under the tab ‘Activity registration’ you will find the exams that are open for registration.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you register and deregister. 
  • If you have registered for an exam, you will receive an email two days before the exam date with a time and place for the examination.

Emails are sent to the email address you have registered in Ladok Student, so make sure that this address is correct. 

Problems with registration?

If you have difficulties registering in Kronox, you can email the exam administration at tentamen@mau.se. This has to be done before the registration period is closed, no less than seven days before the examination date. The email should include your name, personal identity number, course name and the exam date.

Check the time and place of the exam

Before the exam, it is important that you check to make sure you have the right building and time for the exam. The room will be announced on site. Changes can be made at short notice.

If you need special support

If you have been granted special support during exams (for example access to a computer or extra time), you must register your desired support in  Kronox no later than seven days before the exam. Click the 'Support' button after you have completed the application, and choose what type of support you need for each exam. If you have any questions, please email tentamen@mau.se Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your personal identity number
  • Course name
  • Date and time of the exam

If you are to write your exam in a separate room/smaller group, you will receive a confirmation from the exam administration 3-4 days before the exam. You will find the room number in the confirmation sent by the exam administration. You have to inform your lecturer about where the exam will be taken. 

If you have a disability, such as dyslexia, ADHD, or impaired vision, you can apply for special support based on your individual needs. Read more about our Disability Service here.

Rules that apply at exams

  • Arrive in good time
  • Students must present a valid photo ID to be allowed entry – no exceptions. Valid forms of ID include your multipass with your picture, your passport, Swedish driver’s license or a Swedish/international ID card
  • Only registered students will be permitted to take the exam – no exceptions
  • When the exam begins the doors will close
  • For late arrivals, the doors will open a second time, 30 minutes after the exam has begun – no exceptions. Students will not be compensated for the 30 minutes that they have lost
  • The exam invigilator will provide instructions for the exam, and decide where each student is to be seated. Only the sheets of papers provided by the invigilator are permitted
  • If a problem occurs during the exam, contact the invigilator.
  • Bags and garments, as well as mobile phones and other smart devices must be stored at an assigned location during the exam
  • Out of consideration for those with allergies, avoid bringing peanuts or wearing strong perfumes.

Cheating and disruptive behaviour

  • All suspected cheating and disruptive behaviour will be reported to the Disciplinary Board
  • Students who disturb or obstruct examination will be forced to stop their own exam and leave the room.

How to retrieve a graded exam

Graded exams can be picked up at your department. The lecturer will inform you of the details that apply to your course.


All re-sits also require registration in Kronox  The registration period will open 21 days before the exam and close 7 days before the examination date. If you can't find the course you want to register for under the tab 'Exams', send an email to tentamen@mau.se 

Take-home exams

Information about how to submit and retrieve take-home exams will be provided by teaching staff when applicable.

Distance students at other higher education institutions

Malmö University is unable to provide exam venues or invigilators for distance students who are enrolled at another university. 

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