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INU - International Network of Universities

Malmö University is a member of the INU - International Network of Universities. The network comprises of eleven universities located around the globe. The role of the INU is to assist each member university to achieve its own international mission by offering a range of opportunities and experiences and the sharing of best practice, underpinned by a collective commitment to the philosophy of Global Citizenship.

For students

Students at Malmö University are offered to participate in INU activities held annually in Hiroshima, Japan. All four courses are scheduled to coincide with the memorial day of the first atomic bomb on 6 August 1945. The following courses are offered on an annual basis:

For staff

INU Staff Shadowing Program

The INU Staff Shadowing Program aims to strengthen the links between members by providing opportunities to administrative staff to visit, study, discuss, and benchmark administration and governance systems across the network. Through the visits, both the sending and the hosting universities benefit from the sharing of best practices. Through the program, staff members at senior or middle management level will spend one or two weeks with one or two different INU partners, during which the staff member get to ”shadow” a colleague at the hosting universities.

Information on eligibility and how to apply is available here.

INU Professional Staff Training

Find out more the INU Staff Training Weeks here.


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