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How to best use your time at the Writing Centre

a)  Bring your document to your writing tutorial in a digital format, on a USB stick or on your computer. Please use Microsoft Word if possible. This programme is free to all students and can be obtained via the IT Support for students.

b)   Please upload your document to your booking on the booking page. You can always log in to your booking and upload. Or you can email it to the teacher that you have booked (Adam Gray or Steve Myers). That way the Writing Centre tutor will be able to open your work on his computer and make comments and corrections in person.

c)   Keep in mind that your tutorial will be about 25 minutes long. If you have a particular portion of text that you need special help with, bring just that portion to the tutor's attention.

d)   Remember that we are not correcting your document, but teaching you principles of self-correction. We will look at particular sentences and phrases that can be corrected or re-worked for effectiveness and clarity. However, you will not walk away from this tutorial with a perfect document that is ready to hand-in to your instructor. You will walk away with increased knowledge on how to correct your own work.

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