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Welcome to The Writing Centre!

We are an academic writing resource to support you during your studies

Do you want:

  • to become a better writer?
  • to understand your teacher’s comments?
  • to understand why you didn’t pass an exam?

How to book a 25-minute appointment:

  • Create your profile at  My Writing Centre Online .
  • Log into your profile.
  • Choose the schedule "English Bookings".
  • The avaliable times to book are the WHITE spaces. If it is not WHITE, then it is not avaliable.
  • Writing Centre bookings
  • Click on the available time you want to book
  • Fill in the information in the apointment form that opens in a new window.
  • REMEMBER to click "Save Appointment". 

If you do not cancel your booking two hours before it is due, the system will stop you from making another booking. 

Before you visit the Writing Centre:

Please upload your your text in the booking form (where is says, "Attach a file"). Alternatively, bring your text and the instruction for the task, preferably on computer or in digital form. For essays or larger writing assignments, it may be good to book for than one session. For less information or short questions, it is advisable to book only one session.

Group supervision:

We can also accommodate students in smaller groups (max 5 students per group) for pedagogical review of the details related to writing, reading, language and study techniques. A person then books time and announces in the booking the names of the others in the group and what you want to improve.

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