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Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of the most common questions asked by our students. 

I have a permanent disability. What type of support can I receive from the University?

Support can take different forms depending on your needs. You are always required to submit an application to have your needs examined.  
Read more about the types of support that you can apply for

How do I tell those who are responsible for my programme that I am entitled to support?

When you apply for support you will receive a decision which you can then present to the course teachers concerned.

Who do I turn to if I need to borrow technical equipment?

When you receive a decision regarding educational support, you are entitled to borrow technical equipment, such as a scanning pen or a dictaphone.
Read more about technical equipment loans 

I have received a decision recommending that my examination conditions be adapted. Isn't the teacher obliged to adapt the examination to my needs?

No, it's not quite that simple. The teacher is responsible for ensuring that the examination is the same for everyone and it is the teacher who decides what is possible. We can often find individual solutions that work both for the student and the examiner. 

Can I send in my texts and have them edited?

No, that's not possible. At the Writing Centre you can receive support with your studies from experienced teachers and writing mentors. Bring along your assignment to discuss how you have understood it and what your approach will be. You receive guidance on the subject content from your course teachers.

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