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Partners and background

InterGen 2010-2012 New Training project for intergenerational mentoring The idea is to provide intergenerational mentoring, build and create supportive structures for matching seniors and children from migrant background. The InterGen project will build on previous projects MentorMigration and SAGE and work practical.

• MentorMigration, a Comenius 2.1 project (2006-2009) Sweden Developed from The Nightingale mentoring program, which has been running at in Sweden, at Malmo University since 1997. The Nightingale in Malmö has matched over 2000 children and student since start in regular one-to-one meetings over a period of eight months. MentorMigration long-term experience in Sweden made it possible to create new mentoring projects in seven different countries across a range of EU partners. This experience base is now available to the InterGen partnership.

• SAGE Austria A completed Leonardo project, which developed new training methods for community facilitators for older people. The project was promoted by Volkshilfe Steiermark / Connect in Austria. InterGen will create, test and evaluate new training materials to support intergenerational mentoring. InterGen will run pilot testing of the materials with seniors and children in each partner countries The aim is to create new mentoring project in all the partner countries- a possibility to create meetings over age and- ethnicity border. In Sweden retired seniors will be matched with refugee children (who came without any relatives to Sweden) The benefits are double

• These regular meetings have potentials to create contrasting pictures, change clichés, attitudes and developing each other.

•Seniors can get a personal satisfaction and their knowledge and experiences will be used. Seniors can find new activity and interest by actively supporting others .

• The children find a new role model and support from an adult outside their family It is also an appeal for children´s rights. Children who dont have any contact with the elderly generations risk losing a feeling of coherence. To meet to get to know and have a relation to a senior who can be a support for them and a friend - one step to be involved in a society

• Educators, social workers and schools welcome the additional resources Partnership Coordinator: England Point Europa Ltd., Cawsand in Cornwall Partners: Austria Volkshilfe Steiermark Gemeinnützige BetriebsGesmbH, Graz Germany pro-kompetenz, Rostock Slovac RepublicFórum pre pomoc starším - národná sieť, Prievidza Spain Inveslan, Bilbao Sweden University of Malmö The Nightingale Mentoring program For more information www.intergen-project.eu

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