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Nightingale FORMULA

The Nightingale mentoring program granted funds for an two year EU Grundtvig project ( 2012-2014)
During these years partners from Scotland, Rumania, Spain, Tjeckia and Portugal cooperated in a project called FORMULA - Facilitating Opportunities using Role Models to Underpin Learning for Adults who are socially excluded.

The project set up mentoring project consisting of voluntary mentors and mentees, socially excluded and underprivileged ”in special needs”. A training programs for Trainers and mentors were written and mentors from participating countries cooperated and set up an Europeing Peer Mentoring Network.
University of Malmö, Näktergalen mentorsverksamhet
University of Caledonia, Glasgow, Scottland Swap West
FORMARE STUDIA- Facilitating Opportunities using Role Models to Underpin Learn,
Iasi Rumänien
POE EDUCO, Adult education provider Nový Jičín Czech Republic
FDS Fundación para el Desarrollo Social, Zaragoza, Spain

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