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Nightingale Senior

naktergalen senior logoNightingale Senior

Nightingale Senior started in 2008. The project focuses on students at Malmö University and on seniors at the age of 70 and above.  

One of the aims is to give students and seniors the possibility to meet regularly, to learn something new about themselves and to get mutual benefits through the meetings. Another aim is to let the student serve a social purpose and to increase the circle of contacts of the senior. At the same time the senior can enrich the student within different areas and even stimulate to new ways of thinking. An important part of Nightingale Senior is to work for and to benefit by the ethnical and social diversity in Malmö and at the University.
The overall goal of the project is mutual learning and interchange for the students and seniors. Both the student and the senior get the opportunity to take part in the knowledge and experiences of one another and the circle of contacts can be enlarged. Twenty-four students and twenty-four seniors meet twice a month, approximately three hours on every occasion. The meeting between the student and the senior take place based on mutual agreement. There are also activities during which students and seniors get to meet other pairs within Nightingale Senior project.


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