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The Nightingale program started in Malmö, Sweden in 1997. In Sweden the Nightingale has inspired five cities; Kristianstad, Borås, Växjö and Halmstad. Until today, around 3000 pairs of university students and children have taken part in the Nightingale Malmö.

In Malmö, The Nightingale has also spun of to three different new projects:

The Nightingale Youth
The Nightingale Senior
The Nightingale Entrepreneur

Three EU project has been running over the years:
Nightingale FORMULA
Nightingale InterGen

Through a cooperation with the Ministry of children and equality, the Nightingale is now running in eight citiesin Norway.

The Nightinge Mentoring Network 
The Nightingale mentoring program from Malmö has reached out and established in  24 European countries and now also in Africa, Uganda.

Today, all Nightingale partners in Europe have formed the Nightingale Mentoring Network, a joint platform for the development of Nighthingale in Europe.

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