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The Nightingale mentoring programme

The Nightingale mentoring programme was established 1997 at Malmö University. In the Nightingale programme, a student from the University get paired with a child (8-12 years). Mentor and child get together for 2-3 hours once a week over the period October to May. During these informal meetings the mentor and child do nice and everyday activities together.

The Nightingale programme is based on the idea of "mutual benefit" - benefit for both child and student. The idea behind the programme is that the mentor acts as a positive role model by establishing a personal relationship with the child. This in turn helps strengthen the child’s personal and social confidence. The long term goal is that the child will be more likely to apply to University when the time comes. 
Currently, around 75 university students act as mentors every year and since the start more than 3 000 children have had their own mentor from Malmö University.

The Nightingale mentoring programme has expanded both nationally and Internationally to more than 24 sites. All European partners have joined The Nightingale Mentoring Network.

The Nightingale model has also been developed to other target groups:

Nightingale Youth
Nightingale Senior
Nightingale Entrepreneur

The programme got its name from Malmö city´s former symbol - Näktergalen (the Nightingale). "The nightingale is a small bird that sings beautifully when it feels secure." 

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