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Common concerns

Below are common questions and concerns which students often contact the Student Health about. If you cannot find information about your particular issue below, you are welcome to contact us for counselling or advice.

Stress and fatigue

Stress during studies is a common concern. Issues often revolve around high demands or fear of failure, together with a sense that studies are taking up too much space in one’s life. 

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Anxiety and panic

To feel anxious occasionally is natural and even necessary for our survival. But sometimes, anxiety can take over and create problems. 


Most people feel low from time to time. Negative thoughts and bad moods can, however, lead to problems in the long run and it might be necessary to get outside help.  

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Speech anxiety and social phobia

It is very common to be nervous about speaking in front of an audience or feel uncomfortable in social situations. If these issues take over, they can create problems during your studies or your life in general. 

Eating disorders and excessive exercising

Eating disorders can often be characterized by binge eating or extreme dieting. A person suffering from eating disorders are often occupied by thoughts about food and eating. These habits can be related to excessive exercising.

Family and relationships

Good relationships can be a great source of support in life, but can also be stressful. Concerns about relationships, parents, spouses and friends are common concerns expressed by students. 

Grief and crisis

Most people experience grief in connection to losing a loved one. Crises can also arise due to different events or changes in life. 

Problems related to sleep

Issues related to sleeping habits are common. Difficulty falling asleep and getting up, as well as issues with light sleep, can create problems with your circadian rhythm. 

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Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling and doping

How we use alcohol, drugs, tobacco or doping often affects how we feel. We can also get caught up in other destructive behaviours such as online gaming or computer games.

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Questions about diet and exercise

To eat well and exercise is important for our health and wellbeing. Maybe you don’t get the nutrients you need or want to start exercising but find it difficult to find the motivation. 

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Concerns about STIs and HIV

Gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia are common STIs. Sexually transmitted infections/diseases are transmitted through sexual intercourse or/and sexual contact. If you are worried about being infected by a sexually transmitted infection or HIV, it is important to get tested.

Unsure about study break

Are you thinking about taking a study break, but are unsure if you are making the right choice? 

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