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Grading Systems and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grading Systems at Malmö University

Malmö University uses a criterion-referenced grading system (see below), not to be confused with the relative grading system as ECTS.

Most courses at Malmö University have a three-level grading scale: VG  (Pass with Distinction), G (Pass), and U (Fail).

A number of courses use only two grades: G (Pass) and U (Fail). 

For most courses taught in English, grades are awarded on a scale from A to E and U (Failed)

A= Excellent
B= Very Good
C= Good
D= Satisfactory
E= Pass

U= Failed

In order to receive a minimum passing grade = G (Pass) or E (Pass) the student has to meet all the learning outcomes of the course. In courses graded with A-U, a higher grade than E (Pass) require additional accomplishment. The learning outcomes are specified in each course’s syllabus, where the assessments and the grading scale of the course also are explained.

If credits from previous studies at other universities are counted within an education here at Malmö University, the transferred credits will be marked "Credited" in the degree certificate or "TG" in Ladok.

Grade Point Average

Please note that there is no national grading system in Sweden. The Swedish higher education institutions may determine freely which grading system is to be used for any of the courses on offer. Partly due to this variety of grading systems, no overall grade or GPA is given for a degree certificate and our graduate students are not ranked in any way.

There is also no officially determined methodology for translating the Swedish grades to any other foreign grading system. Ultimately, this is a question for the higher education institution that a graduate from Malmö University is applying to.

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