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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to apply for a degree certificate?
Yes, once you have completed your studies you should apply for a degree certificate. Please note that only courses that are completed in Ladok can be counted towards your degree.

How long is the processing time?
The processing time can vary depending on the amount of received applications but is normally around 8-10 weeks.

Is there any way of expediting the issuing process?
If you have been conditionally admitted to an advanced level programme and you need to present the underlying Bachelor degree for which you have applied at Malmö University, priority can be given to your application. Send us a copy of the notification of selection results and we will prioritize your application.

What language is used in the degree certificate?
The degree certificate is bilingual and is issued in both English and Swedish

If something happens to my degree certificate, can I receive another one?
No. You can however receive an official copy of your degree certificate.

Can I receive another degree certificate if I change my name or surname?

Can I add courses to my degree after it has been issued?

Can I receive another degree certificate if I receive a new Swedish civic number?
Yes. Please contact us in this case.

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