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How to Complete a Master's Degree

Master degrees
There are two types of Swedish academic Master degrees. You can either complete a degree within a program or by independent courses.

Entering and completing requirements of a program is the most distinct way to complete a Master’s degree.

If you choose to complete your degree with independent courses, you need to be certain that the courses you choose will grant you the eligibility you need (see below). Please note also that courses must fall within a subject where Malmö University has the right to issue 60-credit- or 120-credit Master degrees.

Master (60 credits)

To be awarded a Master degree (60 credits) you need to at least be a holder of:
1. a Bachelor degree,
2. a Bachelor of Arts degree,
3. a professional qualification of at least 180 credits or
4. a comparable degree from a foreign university.

A Master Degree (60 credits) requires:
- 30 credits from a main subject at the second cycle (D-level). Major subjects must include a degree project of at least 15 credits.

-15 credits at the second cycle (D-level). However, these do not have to fall within the major subject.

-15 credits from first or second cycle university studies. Both level and subject are optional. Note, it cannot be credits that are counted toward another degree.

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