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How to Complete a Bachelor's Degree

There are two ways to earn a general Bachelor’s degree from a Swedish university.

Bachelor programme
Your programme syllabus dictates when your courses need to be completed.  Most programmes have a few optional courses. If you have previous studies you can apply to have them counted towards your degree as optional courses. Please contact the student services assistant of your programme to learn more about how to proceed after you have been admitted to a programme. 
An advantage of being part of a program is the guaranteed acceptance to most courses you have to complete.

Build your own degree
You can also create your own program by applying for independent courses each semester. By creating a degree of your desire it is possible to pursue a specific trade (see below). It is also easier to count previous studies towards a degree you have set up yourself. Your credits from other universities are evaluated and translated on a case by case basis. If you choose to complete independent courses towards a degree of your own creation, guaranteed acceptance to all courses cannot be granted.

Bachelor degree requirements:
-90 credits within a major subject. Courses I, II, III (A, B, C) within a subject where Malmö University has the right to issue a bachelor degree. A major subject must include a 15-credit thesis at level III (level C).
-90 credits of optional courses at university level. University courses from abroad can be taken into account.

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