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Malmö University use Itslearning as an e-learning platform. Log in here:


You use your Malmö University computer identity to log on to Itslearning. If you are new to Malmö University, you need both to have retrieved your computer identity and registered on your course to login. When both conditions are met, it will take about a day before you can log in. If you still have problems logging in after two days of that time, please contact helpdesk.

Problems logging in

If you have trouble logging into it's learning, one of the following could be the problem:

  1. You are not registered in your course.
    Solution: Contact your course secretary and ask to be registered. Or check Ladok Student to make sure you have registered.
  2. Your computer log is not working.
    Solution: Contact Helpdesk

Change Language Settings to English

Click on the file "Mina inställningar" and then click on "anpassa it's learning" - in the first field, change the language to English. Don't forget to scroll down and save your changes by clicking on "spara". Now the default language of it's learning will be English when you log in.

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