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File Storage and Backup

If you often use computers at multiple locations, the Central File Server is a great way to store and safeguard your files. It is important that you protect your work by backing up your files!

When you log in to a MAU-computer it connects your home directory automatically and works just like a folder that is on the computer itself. This is where you should save your work and you can save up to 5 GB​​. It is only you who can see what your folder contains, and backup runs every day of all your files that are saved here.

Where do I find my home directory?


On a PC you will find your home directory under M:\ in Windows Explorer. It has a name that corresponds to your computer identity.

hemkatalog PC_2

Restore files

On a PC you can restore previous versions of files and folders by right clicking on a folder in your home directory and selecting "Restore previous versions".


On a Mac there is a shortcut on the desktop that has a name that corresponds to your computer identity.

hemkatalog mac

Access files from home

If you need to reach your home directory or the public folders on the "share" when you sit outside the campus ? Go to https://access.mah.se. Here you will find a simple web interface where you will find all of your files that are stored on the Malmö University servers.


How does it work?

 Go to https://access.mah.se. Log in with your Malmö University computer identity and password. 

this will give you access to you home directory M: and share N:, the common space on our servers.

Download files

  1. Find the file you want to download
  2. Right click on the file and select download
  3. Select where you want to save it

Upload files

  1. Pull the file from you compute to the webbrowser. 
  2. Dropp it in the folder you want to save it in.


From you phone or tablet

You can donwload the apps here



Title: webaccess.mah.se
URL: https://access.mah.se
Username: Your Malmö University computer identity
Password: Your password
Secure connection: Yes

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