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Wi-Fi - Eduroam

Eduroam is the university's wireless network for staff and students. To connect, create a Wi-Fi account at IDservice.

How to create your Eduroam account

  1. Go to idservice.mau.se

  2. Click on "log in" to your left. 
    First time users have to approve the user agreement. 

  3. Click on "Eduroam accounts" in the left side menu.

    Idservice Eduroammeny

  4. Follow the steps to create a new Eduroam account for your device.
    (remember to pick the right kind of device in step 2)


    You don't need to remember the new log in information, the device will store them for you. Also you can easily access them on IDService.

  5. Enter the new login information in your device and connect. 

    A guide is provided for your chosen device, just click the Guide button to your right.


You can also visit cat.eduroam.org to download a file for automatic configuration.


Network settings


  • Netword/SSID: Eduroam
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise/802.1xEAP
  • Encryption/EAP: PEAP
  • CA certificate WS0016.ad.mah.se



Why do I need to create another account?

In order to fulfil the security requirements set by our service provider, SWAMID, we must now use an account other than the staff/student account to log in to the internet. You can easily create a new account via IDService

Can I have more than one Eduroam account?

Yes, you can have 5 active Eduroam accounts at the same time. 

Why should I create more than one Eduroam account?

For security reasons, it is recommended that you have one account per digital device you are going to log in with. It means you can easily close the account if you lose your digital device.

What happens if I lose a digital device connected to Eduroam?

If you lose a digital device, you must cancel the Eduroam account for that digital device. You can do this easily via IDService.

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