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Boplats Syd, which is Malmö's municipal housing agency, started in the autumn of 2009. The basic idea behind Boplats is to provide apartments relative to the applicant’s time in the housing queue - the longer the time in the queue, the greater the chance to get an offer on an apartment.

It costs SEK 300 per year to be a member.

How quickly you, as an applicant, can get an apartment is determined by various factors: time in the queue, choice of area, the property owner's requirements, and the number of vacancies.

You can register at Boplats Syd through their website (they have a Google translate function). When the fee is paid, you can apply for vacant apartments - up to five at a time. If you are offered "a view" of an apartment, Boplats believe that you have a serious chance of getting it, but it isn't yours until the landlord accepts you.

If you accept an apartment, your place and time in the queue is reset. NOTE! This doesn't apply when you accept a student apartment.

NOTE! To be able to sign an apartment contract through Boplats (this applies to rental apartments as well), you need to be able to pay a three month deposit in advance (or find a creditor who has a financial record in Sweden).


1. When a property owner has a vacancy, they inform Boplats. The agency then reviews the property owner’s requirements, checks that the apartment’s details are correct and determines when the apartment will be available for viewing.

2. Apartments are usually advertised on the website for seven days (the student housing is advertised for only three days). As a member, you can subscribe to newly advertised apartments via email.

3. After you have applied for an apartment, you can go to ‘My Pages’ to see how many people are in the queue and which spot you are in the queue. You can even see how long the person in the first spot has been waiting in the queue.

4. A number of people are invited to view the apartments. The prerequisite for being called to see the apartment is that you meet the property owner’s requirements and you have had adequate time in the queue. Viewing are usually one on one and is conducted by the owner.

5. After viewing, you must notify if you are still interested in the apartment. The candidate who is still interested with the longest waiting time will be contacted. The personal information that was entered into Boplats is checked.

6. The contract is signed by the property owner and by you and its time to move in!


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