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Certificate International Merits - CIM


The opportunity for a CIM is open to students at the Faculty of Health and Society only.

Your international credentials!

A Certificate of International Merits will give you credentials for the international experiences you gain while studying at Malmö University. It’s a verification of your academic, personal and professional progress, your international and intercultural competence, as well as your ability to make international comparisons related to your profession. The certificate is an internationally viable merit that can kickstart your career regardless of whether you choose to venture abroad or advance your career at home.

How to participate in CIM

During your studies you will need to take part in at least three activities with an international focus. These activities can take place abroad and at home. For example:

  • study abroad, take a summer course or write your degree project abroad
  • participate in international conferences and workshops
  • participate in seminars connected to your future career and internationalisation
  • become a mentor for an international student

Many of these types of activities are advertised in Canvas, but you can also create your own activity.

How to apply

Go to the Certificate of International Merits in Canvas — this is where you will find all the information you need to register and get started!

Contacts for CIM

Each institution at the Faculty of Health and Society has a designated contact person for CIM applications:

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