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Application for an Erasmus+ Traineeship Scholarship

Before you begin your application please read through all the information available about the scholarship and the eligibility requirements.

We accept applications on-going during the year but you are only able to apply for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Scholarship after you have arranged a full-time work placement with an eligible company or organisation, in an eligible country. 

Your complete application must reach the International Office at least two weeks prior to the start of your internship, however the sooner the better. The scholarship can not be granted retroactively and funds are limited.

Your application shall include:

1.  Application in MoveON


Open the online application through the link above. You log in using your Malmö University computer identity. Complete all the necessary information, the fields which are marked with a (*) are mandatory. The dates you enter in MoveON must correspond to those in your Learning Agreement for Traineeships (see below).

If you have already completed the MoveOn-application for your internship, you do not need to complete the application again. Simply hand in a copy/new printout of your first application. 

2. Confirmation of Internship

  • If your internship is credit bearing, please submit a copy of your 'Confirmation of Internship' between Malmö University and your internship organisation. 

  • If your internship is not credit bearing, your course/programme responsible must sign the certification here below. This indicates the following: the academic connection of the internship to your programme and how the internship fits into the degree, which you are studying for. Malmö University must ensure the internship’s academic connection related to the studies you are pursuing at the university. It is therefore important that the institution where you are registered ensures that the internship fits your degree. 

Certificate for internships that are not credit-bearing

3. Learning Agreement for Traineeships

This document shall be prepared in consultation with your internship organisation and supervisor. The document should specify the duties to be performed, expected results and experiences of your internship. Please complete the section to be completed ‘before the mobility" (page 1-2). The document must be signed (hand-written signatures) by yourself and your internship supervisor at your internship organisation. You are able to find information regarding which section you should complete under 'table B' here.

Learning Agreement for Traineeships 2019/20

Please note that your learning agreement is not to be signed by Malmö University before you hand in your application. Your learning agreement will be signed by Malmö University once you have handed in your application, if it is approved.
Note: if you are applying for option 3, in the context of a thesis, then the signature for 'Responsible person at the Sending Institution' must be your thesis supervisor at Malmö University.

4. Hand in your application:

Send your complete application by e-mail to Rebecca Arklöf as one (1) PDF-file (scanned, not photographed)

MoveON information: 

  • The application does not support the Internet Explorer web-browser. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Opera or similar instead.
  • Use your Malmö University Computer ID to log-in. If you have forgotten your username or password, contact the Library and IT services.
  • Please note that you should fill in the number of credits you have at the time of application: not how many credits you think you have the time of your internship. 
  • When you have completed each section, mark the box 'mark page as complete' and save progress incase you need to exit and complete the form later. After the form is complete it will allow you to 'Submit' the form.  
Now your application has been sent to our database!

Next click ”Create a PDF-document”. To create a PDF-document with your application information, your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the PDF-document. If you cannot print out the PDF-file straight away, you can choose to save the file on your computer or on a USB memory stick.

Questions regarding the online application? Or are your personal details confidential? Please contact Titti Kjellander, responsible for the MoveON database at the International Office.

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