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Exchange programs

Exchange studies are often connected to a program or a network regarding student exchange. Other programs facilitate shorter international experiences. Sometimes you as a student are able to apply for a scholarship connected to a specific program or network, or you some costs will be covered by Malmö University. Read more here below.

Erasmus+ student mobility

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The amount of the scholarhsip depends on to which country you are going and for how many days.

A student mobility within Erasmus+ is an exchange period at a partner university for 3-12 months (depending on the type of the agreement) where you do not pay your tuition fees*. While on exchange, you may keep your student grant and student loans and you are also entitled to a small scholarship.  The Erasmus+ student grant is based on your country of exchange and the number of days on exchange. The scholarships are from €400-460/month (academic year 2019/20). Only students who have been nominated for an exchange within the Erasmus+-programme are able to apply for the scholarship. You thus first have to apply for exchange studies.

Which countries are open for an Erasmus+ exchange?

The 28 EU member countries (not Sweden as a student in Sweden) as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

Additional support on an Erasmus+ exchange

Students with a permanent disability may apply for an additional scholarship if the exchange would entail additional costs.

Students who go on exchange with kids are able to apply for an extra supplement.

May I apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship several times?

It is possible to go on exchange/internship several times within the Erasmus+ programme. You can participate in mobility (exchange and traineeship) a maximum of 12 months at each study level. Thus, you can go as many times as you like during your studies as long as you do not exceed the 12 months total per level. (12 months for the bachelor level, 12 months for master level, 12 months for PhD level).

Thinking about an internship in Europe?

Erasmus+ is also available for internships for at least 2 months. Find more information about the possibility here.


The Nordplus programme aims to promote cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries, including Greenland, the Faeroe Islands and Åland. Only students from the participating countries are eligible for financial support from Nordplus.


Linnaeus-Palme is a Swedish exchange programme financed by SIDA. It gives students and teachers within certain subjects/projects a possibility to spend a semester abroad at a university in a developing country. In order to be qualified you need to have a PUT (Permanent Residence Permit) in Sweden or be a Swedish Citizen. Study places at the different Linnaeus-Palme-partner universities are announced at each school/faculty in February/March or September/October every year. Please note that not all departments/schools/faculties participate in Linnaeus-Palme-projects.

MFS - Minor Field Studies

Scholarship for students who want to spend at least 8 weeks collecting material for a thesis on C/D-level in a developing country. In order to be qualified you need to have a PUT (Permanent Residence Permit) in Sweden or be a Swedish Citizen, and you must be proficient in Swedish at an advanced level. If you have a PUT you are not allowed to perform the study in your home country. An MFS-grant is set to 27 000 SEK per student and can be applied for individually or in pair together with another student.  
Read more about MFS (in Swedish only) 

INU - International Network of Universities

INU is a global network of different universities. Every year students are invited to apply to the different Student Seminars in Hiroshima and an International Student Conference in Indonesia. The majority of costs will be covered by Malmö University.

Read more about the INU

*As an exchange student you don't pay tuition fees to the host institution. However, If you pay tuition fees to Malmö University, you will continue to pay these (where applicable) directly to Malmö University under the same arrangements.

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