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Jessica Durant

Jessica studied one semester at Sydney University during her last year of BA in International Relations, Malmö University.

I applied to go to the University of Sydney since I had heard that it was a well-established university with high quality education and an exciting student culture. I found that to be true and loved it from the moment I arrived. I was happy with the professors, students and the courses I had picked.

In Sydney it’s common to share a flat with other people, partly because rent is quite expensive Jessica Durantbut also because it’s a part of the culture. As a student it’s easy to find people to share with. Living together with people is a great way to make new friends and is a typical part of student life. If you prefer to live alone it costs more, and it can also be quite difficult to get a lease if it’s just for one semester.

The biggest challenge for me studying in Australia was the way the courses were organised. In Sweden you normally take one course at a time but in Sydney I had to take four courses at once. It took a while to get used to that system. At times I had exams and papers in different courses due around the same time and had to learn to carefully plan my studies.

I also felt that in Sydney I spent more hours a week at the university, compared to at home in Malmö, since we had both lectures and practical seminars in all courses every week. The pace was quite fast but if you’re willing to work hard it really pays off and you get a great education.

One of the best things about the exchange was that I was offered a job at the University of Sydney. One of my professors asked me if I’d consider coming back to Sydney to teach, once I had finished my degree in Sweden, and I accepted.

A lot can happen during your studies abroad and that’s one of the reasons why I recommended other students to go on an exchange. Even if studying abroad takes some adjustments, you’ll gain invaluable experience.

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