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Student Testimonials

Sisir DevkotaSisir Devkota

Sisir Devkota: Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey

The experience of being on an exchange semester taught me how people can communicate across diverse cultures. The ultimate purpose was to receive a diverse education and it turned out to be the perfect choice. Famous diplomats were my teachers and what I learned with them is something that will remain for life. With my personal experience I can say that my whole perspective about many things in life has changed. Those who are thinking of going on an exchange, I would recommend to just go.

Emelie Westin: Universidad de La Plata, Argentina

I am fully convinced that this trip, and similar trips I have done and probably will do, are the lessons and experiences that will help me do a better job in the future.

Kamila Przybyszewska
Kamila Przybyszewska

Kamila Przybyszewska: University of Iceland, Iceland and Coventry University, Great Britain

I think studying abroad is a great new experience for everyone, despite if you already have lived abroad. It teaches you a lot of valuable things, for instance the language, patience, tolerance and how to live on your own.

Rainald Baier da Silva: Ritsumeikan University, Japan and Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux, France

I got very confident about my French and even decided to continue grad school in France! I recently got accepted at two French universities including one in Paris and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have made it without this semester in Bordeaux, so I see it as a first step to a whole bunch of new opportunities.

Madelene Henriksgård
Madelene Henriksgård

Madelene Henriksgård: Murdoch University and Flinders University, Australia

I know from my own experience that studying abroad is definitely one of the best things you can ever do and I think that everyone that wishes to take the opportunity of studying overseas should do it. You will learn so much and at the same time have so much fun!

I would say that there are just positive sides to studying abroad. You learn more about yourself, you experience a new culture, you increase your understanding about the differences between the  societies and, of course, you will experience an awesome semester that you will never forget. Also, I believe that an international education experience will be very useful for everyone, as many will be striving for an interesting and challenging job in the future, wherever in the world this will be.

Maria Nilsson: Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

I studied one semester of International Relations in Istanbul, through six elective courses that ran parallel throughout the semester. I had the opportunity to reflect on things that I would not have done if I had studied International Relations in Sweden. For instance, the course Political Thought had a feature called Islamic Thought and to study Middle Eastern Politics in that region gave me valuable insights through the teacher and other students' influence. Studying abroad means developing at all levels, not least on a personal level since you learn a lot about yourself when you travel and encounter new people and cultures.

Martina Israelsson,liten bild
Martina Israelsson

Martina Israelsson: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

I have always enjoyed travelling, visiting new places and learning about new cultures. This passion of mine was also a major contributor to my decision of studies in general; an education that provided me with the possibilities of working internationally with questions that touch upon both local and global issues really spoke to me. Therefore, when the opportunity to go abroad for an exchange semester appeared, it was not a question of whether I wanted to go, but rather where I wanted to go.

Rauofi Soheil: University of Wroclaw, Poland

The thing I mostly appreciated from my Erasmus was that I met so many people from so many countries. I learned so much from them and at the same time I learned about who I am. It really helps you to develop as a person.

Kathryn Peacock
Kathryn Peacock

Kathryn Peacock: Utrecht University, the Netherlands

The best thing with the exchange is that it looks incredibly good on my CV to have studied abroad. It shows not only an academic orientation, but also a personal development, that you take a leap into a completely new environment, which may have a different social structure with people you've never met before.

Personally, I became more confident and open-minded through meetings with new people. I came to know about life in other countries by interacting with students from all over the world, and I have kept in touch with many of them after I returned to Sweden. If you like me, have a constant craving for life beyond Sweden's borders, then exchange studies are absolutely fantastic. It has really been benificial, and it has undoubtedly contributed to the internships and jobs that I've pursued and completed after my graduation.

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