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FAQ for Nominated Students

1. What does it mean to be nominated?

When you apply for exchange studies, you apply for a nomination of an exchange place at a specific university. Once/if you are nominated an administrator will help you submit an official application to the partner institution. If you are nominated, the risk of you not being accepted to the partner university is very small. However, it is important that you maintain or improve your academic results.

2. When will I receive information about the application procedure at the partner university?

We will contact you when it is time for you to start working on your application. It is usually in the beginning of the semester prior to the exchange, but could be earlier if you are applying to a university outside of Europe. Remember to read the information that was sent to you together with your nomination letter carefully.

3. Am I entitled to financial aid during my studies abroad?

Read more about CSN

4. Will I be insured during my time abroad?

As an exchange student you will be insured though Malmö University.
More information about rules and restriction are available here.

5. Will the partner university arrange my accommodation?

Most universities will help you find accommodation, but sometimes you may have to arrange it on your own.

6. Can I get help obtaining a visa and booking my flight?

As a prospective exchange student you have to apply for a visa and arrange the flight ticket yourself. Make sure you learn about the visa rules as soon as possible, especially if you are not a European citizen. Contact the embassy or the consulate of the country you want to travel to and they can tell you about the specific regulations. For those of you who are not Swedish citizens, and who need a Swedish Residence Permit, make sure you do all necessary arrangements before the exchange.

7. How will my exchange studies be registered in Ladok?

In order to be registered for exchange studies in Ladok you need to submit a copy of your Letter of Acceptance to the International Coordinator at GPS. If the term dates are not included in the letter, you must attach a document confirming the dates, such as a print-out from the university’s website.

8. What is a Learning Agreement?

The Learning Agreement is a form where you state which courses you plan to take at the partner university (to be filled out after you are nominated). The course selection must be approved and signed by the teacher responsible for your programme and a copy should be submitted to the International Coordinator at GPS. It is very important that you have an updated Learning Agreement and if you make any amendments, you need to submit the part of the Learning Agreement called 'Changes' or 'During the Mobility'. Remember that it is your responsibility as a student to make sure that you study the equivalence of 30 credits and that the credits in the Learning Agreement are correct. You can find the form on the top right corner of this page. 

9. How do I apply for a scholarship?

For Erasmus+ exchange, you will get the information from the university's Erasmus+ Coordinator once you are nominated.
Read about other scholarships you can apply for.

10. What are the implications of complying with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel recommendations?

In cases where the Ministry advises against travel to a country or to a specific area, GPS will follow this advice and not allow students to begin their exchange studies. These guidelines apply to all students at the institution even those who are not Swedish citizens.

11. How do I transfer credits from my semester abroad?

After you have completed your exchange, a Transcript of Records will be sent to us from the partner university and if the courses and credits match the ones on your Learning Agreement your courses and credits can be transferred to your studies at Malmö University. If the Transcript of Records is sent directly to you as a student you need to submit a copy to the International Coordinator at GPS.
Please note: only the credits will be transferred into Ladok, not the grades. To show the grades you have achieved, please use the Transcript of Records from your host university, instead of the one from Malmö University (Ladok). 

For more information, see Survival Guide for Outgoing Students.

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