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Application Instructions

Application instructions for students at Malmö University interested in exchange studies at one of our partner universities.

It can take some time to complete your application, so make sure you start early! It is time well spent once you have arrived, ready to start what may be the best semester at university!

Read through the checklist before getting started. Follow the instructions carefully!

Step 1: Check where you can go and choose which universities you are interested in

Start by reading the announcement of places and finding universities you are interested in. Available exchange opportunities are connected to the department/faculty where you study, and vary from semester to semester. Make sure you check the latest announcement from your department/faculty! 

Check here where you can go 

Step 2: Fill out the MoveON application form 

To the MoveON application 

The second step is to complete an online application form, submitting your personal details and choosing the universities you want to apply to. You can choose up to five universities (students at GPS can choose up to four universities); please note that you should rank the institutions 1-5 in order of priority.

It is possible to save and return later to your MoveON application, so you can start up the application process even before you have decided on your options. Our recommendation is to start as early as possible to give you a head start.

In your MoveON application you need to include the following supporting documents:

  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Documentation supporting your language skills 
  • Study Description if you are not enrolled in a degree programme

You should include these supporting documents together with your printed application as well. We recommend that you print out your supporting documents and scan these in pdf format before you upload them in your online application.

Information and templates for the supporting documents

Study Plan
Your "Study Plan" should show which courses you wish to take while on exchange. It is an integrated part of the MoveON application. You need one Study Plan for each university you choose, i.e. if you choose three universities, three Study Plans are also required.

Your Study Plan indicates which courses you are interested in taking at the host university. If you are applying outside of Europe, you may have to apply as early as 1 1/2 years (three semesters) before your exchange semester, which can prove difficult since most universities will not have information about courses organised that far in advance. If that is the case, you can use courses currently available as examples of what you wish to study during your exchange. If you cannot find relevant courses at all, you can list subjects or programmes that are interesting for you personally. At this point, you do not need to specify the exact courses you intend to take it is however, important to show that you have made an effort to find the correct information.

Finding the correct information you need to make a complete application is essential to knowing whether or not the host university is a good match. Finding the courses on offer usually takes time, so be patient. Prepare yourself to spend a large proportion of your work on searching the universities' websites when completing your Study Plan(s). A good idea is to start by looking for the incoming/inbound exchange alternatively use the search field using keywords such as exchange/visiting student. There is usually a starting/landing page for exchange students, which includes academic and practical information.

When searching the host university's course catalogue or website to find courses, you should use keys words like units/subjects/courses/modules, since the names vary by university. Sometimes you need to click on specific programmes to access the various sub-courses/units.

GPS students

If your programme syllabus allows it, you can apply for exchange studies during two semesters.

  • If you are applying for two semesters at the same university: submit one application.
  • If you are applying for two semesters at two different universities: submit two separate applications.

Some places are more popular and there will be competition for these, so please detail which semester you prioritize in your Statement of Purpose. If you wish to apply for different universities, check the Academic Calendars to make sure it is actually possible to combine the two semesters.

  • Students at GPS can only choose up to four universities - please note that you should rank the institutions 1-4 in order of priority.

Step 3: Print out your MoveON application form

Once you are content with your choices in the MoveON application, you should finalize the application, submit and print it. The PDF-document you print is your confirmation that your online application has been received. 

  • Please note that the printed application should be submitted together with the supporting documents (see below).

Step 4: Make copies of your application

Once you have your printed MoveON application and all the relevant supporting documents (your originals), you should copy them and turn in 2 applications in total (1 original of all the documents + 1 copy of all the documents).

Step 5: Hand in your full application

Your complete application (originals and copies as described above) should be handed in to the International Administrative Coordinator at your department/faculty no later than the deadline, in person or in the relevant post-box. 

The deadline is at 24.00 (midnight) on 15 October and 15 March

If you need to send the application by post, make sure that it reaches your coordinator at the latest the following workday after the 15th of March/October. You should send it to this adress:

Your International Coordinator’s name
Malmö University 
Your Department/Faculty
205 06 Malmö

Find out who is the international coordinator is at your Department/Faculty

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