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Exchange Studies

Study abroad
Exchange student in Australia.

Enhance your education and increase job opportunities!

As a student, you can study abroad through a number of different types of exchange agreements. You can find a short description of each exchange agreement below.

Europe - Erasmus+

Programme for studies within Europe. Eligible students can receive a scholarship financed by the European Union.

Nordic countries - Nordplus

Programme for studies within the Nordic countries and Greenland. Eligible students (students holding an EU passport) can receive a scholarship financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Developing countries - Linnaeus-Palme

Programme for exchange with developing countries. Eligible students (students holding a Swedish passport) can receive a larger scholarship financed by Sida. (Non-eligible students can apply for the university place minus the scholarship)

Outside Europe - Bilateral agreements

In addition to the programmes above, students have the opportunity to study abroad through bilateral agreements. Malmö University has bilateral agreements with universities outside of Europe. Certain agreements are central agreements open to students from all areas of study, and others are only available for students studying at certain faculties or schools. (See 'Who can study abroad?' below for eligibility)

International networks

Malmö University is a member of several international networks. It might be possible to study abroad as an exchange student at one of the other member universities within the network.

Each faculty/department/school will announce the places available for exchange opportunities at their partner univerisities.

For more information contact the International Coordinator at your faculty/department/school

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