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Withdrawal and leave from studies

Here you will find information about withdrawing from a course or programme, leave from studies, deferral of studies, and more. 

Decline your offer to study (before you register for the programme) 

If you have been admitted to a programme or course, but do not wish to keep your place, you should decline your offer on universityadmissions.se. In doing so, the place becomes available, and is given to another applicant. You cannot change your mind once you have declined. 

You can decline your offer after you have been admitted, but must do so before you have registered. If you have already registered for the programme or course, you will need to contact the Student Services Assistant responsible for the programme or course in question, in order to decline the offer. 

Declining your offer (universityadmissions.se)

Withdrawing from a programme after you have registered

Withdrawal from studies entails giving up your place on a programme or course.

Withdrawing from a programme

If you wish to withdraw from a programme, you can report this in the Form Store. You can still apply and be admitted to the programme again in the future. 

Withdrawing from a course

If you withdraw from a course within the first three weeks, this is called an ‘early withdrawal’. If you decide to withdraw early, it is possible to apply and be admitted to the same course again via universityadmissions.se. You can’t apply for early withdrawal if you have any registered results in Ladok from the course.

Apply for withdrawal in Form Store

Leave from studies

Leave from studies entails taking a break from commenced studies. If there are special circumstances and these can be verified by formal documents, it is possible to be granted leave from studies and still be guaranteed a place in the programme. 

Special circumstances can be medical reasons, care of children or a job within the Student Union.

Application for leave from studies

Deferral of studies 

If you cannot start your studies in the semester for which you have been admitted, deferment of study commencement may be granted if there are special reasons for this. The reasons must be verified by formal documents.

The period of deferral may be no longer than 18 months unless there are particular reasons for granting a longer period of time. A student who has been granted a period of deferral is obligated to notify the University of when studies are to be resumed. The student shall give notice no later than April 15 October 15, respectively of their wish to resume studies in the upcoming term.

Application for deferment of study commencement

Deferral of studies for accepted students and academic leave

Admission to a later part of a programme

If you meet the programme’s entry requirements, you can apply for admission to a later part of a programme. You must have already completed studies that are equivalent to the parts of the programme you intend to miss.

Application for admission to a later part of a programme

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