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Working environment

The working environment of students is to be the equivalent of that which is legally mandated for the University’s employees. This means that Malmö University must have student safety officers who are entitled to the same training as other safety officers at the University. Students are entitled to the necessary resources for completion of their education, e.g. computers; various information media, such as library services and electronic media; as well as good places to study and break rooms. If possible, students should be able to access these resources outside of scheduled study hours.

Students are obligated to adhere to the regulations in force as well as to use the safety devices and other precautions necessary for the prevention of ill-health and accidents.

Malmö University strives to create a working environment that supports students' learning and promotes their physical and mental health. No student is to be subjected to unfair treatment, insult or discrimination that undermines the integrity of the student during his/her university studies.

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