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Programme/course evaluation

Students' participation in the evaluation of their education is very important in order to ensure the best conditions for learning and for the accomplishment of the goals of the programme/course.

Evaluations are to be carried out for all courses in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, and they should provide the students with an opportunity to share their experiences and opinions of the course. The University is responsible for the implementation of course evaluations. Students are always to be notified of the results of the evaluation.

The syllabus is to specify how the evaluation will be carried out. The evaluation at the end of a course is to be made in writing. Evaluations are also to be carried out throughout the course. These evaluations are to be based on the educational goals of the course and the realization of the same, but should also bring up any other subjects that might influence the student's learning. The results of a course evaluation as well as intended measures are to be documented and followed up on by the teacher responsible for the course. The results are to be readily available, e.g., on the course website, and provide feedback for the students. The document "Quality Building: A Blueprint for the Course Evaluation Process" describes the course evaluation process at Malmö University.

In addition to the course evaluation, the course/programme is evaluated in a number of different ways. Many students are asked to participate in programme evaluations both during their time as students and afterwards in "alumni evaluations". The University believes that the students who actively participate in these evaluations are taking responsibility for their own education and learning and that the influence of the students is necessary to ensure educational quality.


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