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Pedagogic and student social support and guidance

Study and career advice
In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, the students are entitled to study and career advice during their education. This kind of support is provided centrally at the University by the study and career advisers and/or the teacher responsible for the course/programme as well as by study advisers at each respective faculty/department.

Health care and student social support
The Higher Education Ordinance states that the University is to ensure the students having access to health care which promotes their physical and mental health as well as to social study support. The student healthcare at Malmö University is specially oriented towards preventative measures and functions as a supplement to general public healthcare.

The courses, groups, and other preventative activities conducted by Student Health Services are based to the greatest possible extent on the needs and wishes of students. Individual consultation is primarily of an exploratory and supportive character. The university chaplains are also included in the student health services network.

Educational support for students with disabilities
If needed, a student with a functional disability is entitled to educational and administrative support, through contact with via the university’s coordinator for students with disabilities, or alternatively a dyslexia educationalist. This support may consist of adapted examinations, audio books, especially equipped computer systems and mentor support. Students with reading difficulties are entitled to adapted literature.

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