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Publication of degree projects
Students are entitled to publicize passed degree projects online via the University's publication system.

In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, any student at the University is entitled to apply for accreditation of earlier education or professional experience. The University is obliged to make an assessment of whether the earlier education or professional experience is equivalent to the programme to which accreditation has been requested. The application for accreditation is to be submitted to the faculty/department responsible for the programme.

The University's decision regarding accreditation may be appealed to the University’s Board of Appeals.

Course certificate
After passing a course, the student is entitled to obtain a course certificate within 10 working days of requesting one. The department or equivalent body responsible for the course is responsible for awarding such certificates.

The student is entitled to request a diploma from the University as long as the programme meets the diploma requirements in accordance with the System of Qualifications. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all original documents are available and that the application is complete.

If the diploma is to contain only courses taken at Malmö University, the student is to receive the diploma within 40 working days of submitting a complete application. If the diploma is to contain courses taken at a different university or abroad, the student is to receive the diploma within four months of submitting a complete application.

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