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A higher education programme shall be free of charge to any student who is a citizen of an EEA country or Switzerland (there is a list included in the Ordinance 2010:543 of other groups who are not charged). This does not, however, mean that studying in Sweden entails no costs for the students. Course literature, print-outs and personal equipment are a few examples of items paid for by the students themselves. Local travel is normally paid by the students as well. Compendia and other study material may be sold by the University at cost price. However, no fees may be charged for obligatory segments such as extensive field study trips, unless an equivalent, cost-free alternative is offered.

If parts of the programme are to take place at a university other than Malmö University in accordance with the programme or course syllabus, Malmö University is responsible for any fees charged by the other university, while the students are responsible for the cost of transport and housing.

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