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Examination regulations

Examinations for the assessment of student performance are to be arranged in accordance with the following:

  • a regular examination session
  • a re-examination within 35 working days of the first examination. In the event that the first examination session occurs during the second half of May or in June however, the re-examination may take place in August.
  • an additional re-examination, no later than just prior to the beginning of the following term.

The University may only decide to limit the number of re-examinations if an unlimited right would lead to an unreasonable waste of resources. If the number of examination sessions for a certain course is to be limited, there are be two opportunities to retake the examination in addition to the three sessions mentioned above, so that the student is offered at least five examination sessions in total.

If a course ceases to be available or has undergone any major changes, the students are to be offered two opportunities to retake the examination during the year following the change for re-examination, based on the syllabus which applied at registration.

If a programme includes VFU/internship, there may be particular rules regarding the number of occasions for re-examination. These rules are to be clearly stated in the study plan/syllabus in question. At least two occasions are be offered for VFU/internship or the equivalent.

A student who wishes to retake an examination after the completion of a course is obligated to retrieve information from the student administrator about how the course information in question is transmitted. If the course information is transmitted through the course website or teaching platform, it is the student's obligation to obtain authorization from the study administrator to access said course website or teaching platform.

Examination schedules

Schedules for examinations shall be published no later than four weeks prior to the start of the course. Resits may not be scheduled at the same time as ordinary examinations for the following term. It is the student’s responsibility to register for examinations in accordance with applicable regulations. 

Special regulation for supervised written examinations
The document “Regulations for the Conduct of Written Examinations, Instructions for Invigilators and other Directives Relating to Written Examinations” specifies the regulations that apply in supervised written examinations.

Written examination at a different location
If there are special reasons, e.g. of a medical or social nature, or an exchange semester, a student may have the possibility to take a written examination at a different location. A written application including substantiation of the special reason is to be submitted to the examiner. It is the responsibility of the student in question to arrange for an examination location, invigilator and contact person at an institution, school or similar.

Examination results and recapitulation
Students are to be notified of the results of an exam as soon as possible: no later than fifteen working days after the examination session and ten working days before re-examination. An oral and/or written review of the examination is to be carried out no later than ten days prior to re-examination.

In accordance with the National Archives' decision, all written examinations are to be filed or returned to the student. Once the examination has been corrected and the results have been posted, the answers given to the written assignments become public documents. The return of written examinations may only happen once the examination results have been registered in the University's study administration system: Ladok. Examination results or copies thereof are to be kept by the University for two years.

Previous examinations
Students are entitled to view previously-used examination papers/assignments. These are to be kept by the University and made available at the unit/department responsible for the examination. The examination forms/assignments are public documents and may never be classified.

Superviser and examiner for degree projects (dissertations)
The supervisor and examiner for a degree project (dissertation) at Bachelor and Masters (1 and 2 years) degree level as well as for vocational qualifications are not to be one and the same person.

Errors by the university
If a student is prevented from participating in an examination or cannot be awarded a degree due to an error made by the University, the University is to correct this error.

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