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Disciplinary measures

In order to ensure that all students are provided with the same access to the same education and assessment of performance, the University has a number of disciplinary measures at its disposal.

In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, the University is entitled to implement disciplinary measures against students who:

  1. attempt to use prohibited tools or other means of deception during examinations or when academic work is otherwise assessed, 
  2. disrupt or obstruct teaching, examinations or other activities within the framework of studies at the university, 
  3. disrupt activities in the library of the university or other separate establishments at the university, 
  4. subject another student or employee at the university to such harassment or sexual harassment as described in Chapter 1, Section 4 of the Discrimination Act.

Disciplinary measures must be taken no later than two years after the offence was committed. Disciplinary measures include warnings and suspensions.  A suspension means that the student is prohibited from participating in instruction, exams or other activities within the framework of the study programme at the university. A decision of suspension may also relate to limiting access to certain premises at the University.

Both the Vice-chancellor and the Disciplinary Board at Malmö University may decide to issue a warning to a student. Any decision to suspend a student must be taken by the Disciplinary Board. A student is entitled to appeal against a warning issued by the Vice-chancellor to the Disciplinary Board. A student who has received a warning from the Vice-chancellor must be informed of this right. Decisions of the Disciplinary Board (warning or suspension) may be appealed to a general administrative court.

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