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Student rights and obligations

Students at the Faculty for Health and Society

As a modern and open university, we take pride in our devoted and progressive students. In order to make cooperation between university staff and students as good and effective as possible, we have formulated several rights and obligations. In this document, you will find information about student influence, grading, course information and other things that affect you as a student.  

The Rights and Responsibilities of Students at Malmö University

Why do we have rights and obligations?

At Malmö University, we greatly appreciate our active and committed students, and value our students' input to develop and ensure the quality of their education. In order to achieve good cooperation between students and the university’s personnel, we have set up clear rights and obligations.

These rights and obligations are based on the Higher Education Ordinance, the Freedom of the Press Act and the Administrative Procedure Act, which all play a part in governing the University's activities.

The University's highest governing body, the Board of Governors, makes decisions concerning these rights and obligations, and the regulations should be followed by all personnel and students at the University. All departmental heads at the university are responsible for keeping personnel and students informed of these rights and obligations, and ensuring that activities are run in accordance with them.  

Everything in this document applies to students studying in first and second cycles (bachelor’s and master’s levels). Regulations and information for students who pay tuition fees can be found in a separate document.

Addition to 'Student rights and obligations at Malmö University' for fee-paying students.

Follow up

Each faculty/department board can make decisions about added regulations. However, these additional regulations cannot restrict the rights in this document, or expand the obligations.

Each faculty/department board should consult the Student Union on how matters regarding student rights and obligations are handled by the faculty/department. The Dean of Faculty (or equivalent) is responsible for ensuring that these procedures are followed.

Each faculty/department is also responsible for making sure that there are ways to follow-up this document, and the application of any additional regulations made. As a step in this follow-up process, representatives for the students, personnel and management are to meet at least once each year to evaluate how well the regulations have been implemented. They will also discuss how matters that have come up during the year, which are relevant to this document, are to be compiled.

A list of these matters and documentation of the evaluation should be handed over to the Faculty Committee for Education once a year in connection with the University's annual report.

If you feel that your rights and obligation as a student have been ignored, you should, in the first instance, contact the relevant teacher to have the matter investigated. At each faculty, there is a student representative that you can ask to participate in meetings with the University's personnel.

If a complaint from a student cannot immediately be resolved in mutual understanding, it should be documented and registered according to regulations. After that, the matter should be handled according to the faculty/department's regulations.

Student influence

Having influence as a student is a very important part of higher education. For this reason, Malmö University has established a specific student influence policy.

The opportunity for students to influence their studies and study environment is a vital requirement for the programmes' development and quality.

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