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Find your schedule

Schedules are published four weeks before the course starts. You can search for schedules for programmes, as well as for independent courses.

Search schedule for a programme

Search schedule for a course

When looking for your schedule, the search will show several different terms. To find the right schedule, make sure to add the term you started your programme to your search. For example, 18H (autumn 2018) or 18V (spring 2018).

Remember that not all schedules may be published at the time of your search. If that is the case, you will have to try again later. Your schedule might also be changed during the semester, so it is important to check regularly.

If you are enrolled in a distance learning course or programme 

If you have recently been accepted to a web-based, distance learning course or programme, you can find information about where to find your schedule in your Welcome letter from the Faculty.

Add your schedule to your phone

iCal allow you to get your schedule directly into your calendar on your computer or smartphone. Find your schedule, click ‘Get iCal file’ and the schedule will download automatically.

Please be aware that changes in the schedule won’t automatically be updated in your calendar. You can ensure you have the correct schedule by updating the iCal file regularly.

Find your classroom

Your schedule will also provide information on your classroom. The name of the classroom is often a combination of letters and numbers.

Find your classroom

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