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Degree projects at Malmö University

Degree project is the term used for larger academic work you normally complete at the end of your studies. On this page you will find information on support available to you during the project, and what to do when you finish your degree project.

Support during your degree project

The Writing Centre in the Orkanen Library can help you with academic writing.

Our librarians can help with reference management issues and finding resources. You can book an appointment with a librarian, or find them at the information desk.

Template for degree project cover sheets

To ensure a uniform look for all degree projects at Malmö University, there is a template in word format that you can download and use as a cover sheet. You can add a picture or photo if you like.

The following information should not be included in the header or footer of the degree project: the student's name, the University’s name or logo, the name of the programme, supervisor or examiner.

Download the template here

The Faculty of Odontology's templates

This is what you need to do with your degree project

As of January 1, 2018, Malmö University is digitally archiving completed degree projects. The information below applies to all students.

This is required from you as a student:


  • you are required to publish information about your degree project in MUEP (Malmö University Electronic Publishing). Information and instructions for MUEP can be found on the library website. When your degree project is graded it will be published in MUEP by the student services assistant;
  • if your project consists of any non-written content, you must contact the course coordinator before examination to receive information on how these parts of the project should be documented;
  • you must submit your degree project according to the procedures outlined by the course coordinator, and, if necessary, make printouts of the degree project document to be used by the examiner and censor; and
  • after receiving your grade, you may need to submit an amended version of your degree project if the examiner requires you to do so.


The digital archiving process follows these steps:

  • the student services assistant publishes the final degree project document in MUEP and, if necessary, adds any missing mandatory information;
  • the student services assistant registers the student’s grade in Ladok;
  • the degree project is published in MUEP; and
  • he degree project document is archived in the University’s e-archive. Any non-written content is archived according to an agreement with the student. 
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