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Apply for your degree certificate

Degree certificate Mlamö University

Once you have finished your courses it is time to apply for your degree certificate. Certificates are not automatically issued, instead you have to apply either through Ladok Student or by using one of our forms.

On this page you will find a guide to applications as well as general rules and information about degree certificates.

Apply online using Ladok Student
Apply using Application form
Rules and regulations for degrees
Processing your application and reply
Lost or destroyed degree certificate

Apply online using Ladok Student

Log in to Ladok Student, you can use this link.

Problems logging in?

If you are not currently a student at Malmö University you might need to reactivate your student account to make your application.

Contact the Student Administration of your faculty if you need to reactivate your account. Use this link to find the contact information for your faculty, the information is available at the bottom of the page.

First, check courses and title of degree project

Use this link for the start page of Ladok Student.

Choose the tab "Completed Education" in the Menu. Check that the courses you need are graded before you begin your application. Also, click the course with your degree project to check that the title is correct and correctly spelled.

Then, apply for the degree certificate


Apply using Application form

If you cannot apply online you can use our application form instead.

Application form for Bachelor and Master

Application form for PhD studies

If you have changed your name or received a Swedish civic registration number (personnummer) you need to make sure that your account at Ladok Student is updated. You can email the Ladok department for help at ladok@mau.se.

Do I need to send a transcript of records?

You do not need to include a transcript of records (Ladok result certificate) if:

  • All your courses are from Malmö University and you want all courses included in your degree certificate.
  • You have read a full programme and you are applying for a degree from that programme.

You must include a transcript of records (Ladok result certificate) with your application form if:

  • You have read more courses/credits than are required for a degree.
  • You have courses from other Swedish universities you want to include in your degree.

Print your transcript using Ladok Student or contact a Student Administrator from your faculty to have one sent to you.

Indicate which courses you want included in your degree and include it with your application form.

Rules and regulations for degrees

For a degree to be awarded the courses listed in the application must fulfill the degree requirements of your main subject.

Programme students

As a programme student,your programme syllabus list the courses you need to complete for your degree certificate to be issued. Generally, if you have studied according to your syllabus and finished all the listed courses your degree will be awarded.

To find your syllabus visit edu.mau.se/en, find your programme, click "Syllabus" and then "Show syllabus separately" and select the year you were admitted to the programme.

If you are applying for a Master's degree, you may be requested to show your bachelor degree certificate if we do not have access to it.

Independent Studies

If you have not studied a programme, or not a full programme, your application is evaluated according to the Degree Requirements (Examensbeskrivning) for your main subject. The Degree Requirement documents are only available in Swedish and you can find them using this link.

Generally, most bachelor's degrees require 90 higher education credits in one subject and in progression. You need a degree project of 15 credits within that subject. The remaining 90 higher education credits are optional.

If you want to apply for a degree of master's degree through independent studies please contact the Degree Office for more information.

Legal framework

The requirements for degree certificates are governed by the Qualifications Ordinance, an appendix to the Higher Education Ordinance. In addition to this, each university have the right to regulate the degree requirements further.

Qualifications Ordinance at the Swedish Council of Higher Education's website

Malmö University's Degree Ordinance (in Swedish)

Processing your application and reply

Once you have applied it usually takes the Degree Office 5-8 weeks to process your application.

Reply to degree certificate application

After your application has been processed, and if the courses you listed meet the degree requirements, your degree certificate will be awarded. We will send the certificate to your address in Ladok Student or the one you printed on your application.

The front page of the degree certificate states the degree title you have been awarded and your main subject. Your courses are listed on the following pages. All information is given in both Swedish and English.

You will also receive a Diploma Supplement issued in English. It describes the Swedish qualification you have been awarded, its position in the system of qualifications, and the Swedish education system.  The intention is to make it easier for Swedish graduates to study or work in other countries.

Rejected applications and appeals

If the Degree Office does not find that your application meets the requirement you will receive a letter with an official decision rejecting your application. If you find the grounds of the decision unclear, you are welcome to contact the Degree Officer who processed your application. You will find their contact information in the letter.

If you disagree with the decision you have the right to appeal the decision within 3 weeks. Your appeal should be sent to Malmö University's Degree Office, but the final decision will be made by the Higher Educations Appeals Board, a national public authority.

More information about the appeal's process from the Higher Educations Appeals Board

Lost or destroyed degree certificate

The degree certificate that you receive is the original document. If your certificate is lost or destroyed you can contact the Malmö University Archive and we can send you an offical copy; email: arkiv@mau.se

You need to include your name, civic registration number, and the year your degree was issued in the email. You also need to write your current address since the copy will be sent via mail.

New or changed personal data

If you have received a new Swedish civic registration number (personnummer) you can contact the Degree Office and request a new original degree certificate. This applies if, for example, your certificate was issued with a temporary identification number, you have received a protected identity, or have gone through a gender confirmation process and have been issued a new civic registration number.

You cannot receive a new original certificate if you have changed your name.

Comments and complaints
Comments and complaints directed at the Degree Office are submitted to the Head of Study Administration Annika Pfannenstill, annika.pfannenstill@mau.se

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