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Career Services

Career Services provides you with support relevant to your job search.  We give you tools that will be useful to you for your future career through workshops, individual career coaching, job posting services and career resources. 

At Career Services, we can help you:

  • Recognise your skills and give you the tools to market them to employers
  • Develop a strong job search strategy to help you look for jobs and contact employers
  • Improve your application process (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview technique and networking skills) 

You can find all career events, available jobs and internships on our career portal, Future Finder. Register yourself with Future Finder so that you don’t miss any useful tips.

Career Workshops

Throughout the semester, you have the opportunity to take part in various workshops that will give you the tools you need to find your dream job.

Write a Winning CV

  • You will get concrete tips on how to write a winning CV and how to improve upon your existing CV by reflecting upon your strengths and talents.

Write a Persuasive Cover Letter

  • You will get insight on how to write a concise cover letter that will highlight your skills, qualifications, and competencies relevant to the job you are applying for.

LinkedIn - a Link to Your Future

  • You will learn how to build an attractive LinkedIn profile, and an introduction to different ways to grow your network online and gather career information.  

Nail the Job Interview

  • You will receive tips on how to prepare yourself for an interview so that you can make the best impression possible on an employer.  We will also discuss and go through behaviour-based interview questions. 

Network Your Way to a Job

  • You will learn why networking is your best return on investment when it comes to landing a job. We will talk about what networking is really all about and how to make it easy, effective and fun.  

Career Coaching

You can meet with us individually to discuss questions regarding your future job and career development.

  • Get assistance with your career planning - what career would you like to have and how can you reach that goal?
  • Obtain competence clarification - which competencies do you have and which are you lacking?
  • Application documents - get assistance with your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile
  • Tips on how to best reach out and contact employers
  • Practical tips on how to prepare for a job interview

Before you schedule a career coaching appointment in order to get assistance with any of the above topics, we recommend you to participate in our workshops.

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