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Waiting list Spring 2020

The waiting list regards dormitority rooms distributed via Malmö University Housing Office, during Spring 2020.

Once you have registered, you will be contacted directly if something becomes available and in accordance with your placement on the list. The Housing Office does not make any exceptions from the order of the list. 

Note that you will be able to prolong your contract for the University Housing beyond the end of June, 2020 if you abide to the housing rules. Contracts obtained via the waiting list can apply for prolonging until mid-august 2020, the longest.


Before applying, please read through the following information on our webiste:

  • Terms and Conditions of the University Housing
  • Processing of personal data
  • Housing options

Only students attending a university will be offered housing in the University Housing.

Type of student

Contract start

Contract end
Which housing option would you prefer? *

* Please note that you are not guaranteed to be placed in your preferred housing option. Rooms are distributed depending on availability. 
Have you read and agreed with the housing terms and conditions?
In order to offer you a room/apartment, we need to process your personal data. Malmö University (Malmö University, 205 06 Malmö, 202100-4920) is the controller of your personal data. 
You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. You can do this by contacting housing@mau.se. However, if you revoke your consent, it does not affect our processing of your information before you recall it. 
Please note that data that is not treated with consent as a basis, such as an ongoing lease, may continue to be processed. The data will be deleted after completion of treatment. 
You also have the right to contact us for information about what information is processed about you or to request correction, transfer, deletion or restriction of your personal information. 
You have the possibility to contact Malmö University's Data Protection Officer at dataskyddsombud@mau.se if you have questions about the treatment. 
You are also entitled to lodge complaints with the Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten if you feel that we are processing your personal information incorrectly. 
Do you consent with the above?
After you click SEND, wait to see a confirmation message before you close the page. 

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