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Online tuition fee payment

If you have received an invoice for tuition fee payment, you can pay by credit card using the form below.
  1. Make sure you have your invoice available before you commence the payment.
  2. Complete the fields below. The amount to be paid must correspond to “First Installment” as mentioned in your invoice.
  3. Click 'Continue' to proceed.
  4. Verify that the information is correct and click 'Continue'.
  5. Pay by credit card. The cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.
  6. When you have paid, you will receive a confirmation message and a reference number for your payment.
  7. If you get an error message, the payment has not gone through. Please contact your bank or credit card provider for assistance and try again.

Please note that it can take up to two weeks for Malmö University to confirm the receipt of your payment. Do not apply for residence permit until you have received a confirmation email.

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