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Fault report Celsiusgården

Fill out the form as detailed as possible to report a fault in your room or the common areas. Note that it may take a couple days for your issue to be resolved, depending on how urgent the matter is.

Make a fault report

What to fix yourself

  • Changing light bulbs in your room, with exceptions from the ceiling lamp in your bedroom.
  • Changing batteries in the fire detectors in your room.
  • Unclog the sink or shower drain.


The temperature in your room should hold between 18-23 degrees Celsius. This is Swedish standard according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s general advice.

Since the heating is controlled by the outside temperature, it sometimes takes a few days for the heating to adjust in the beginning of the autumn (due to sudden temperature changes). We ask you to show some patient.

If you think it is colder than 18 degrees in your room:

  • Check that the thermostat is turned to max and that nothing is covering the thermostat.
  • Measure the temperature. You can borrow a thermometer from the resident assistant. Put the thermometer at the center of the room, on top of a chair or table (not on the floor). If your room temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius, make a fault report.


If any signs of vermin (cockroaches, rats, bed bugs), make a fault report.

Good to know; extermination of pests does not cost anything for you as a tenant. It is the property owner’s responsibility to cover the costs.

Bed bugs are pests that finds shelter under beds and are active at night. Signs to look for are small black stains under your bed; on the side of the wooden framework, small itchy bites on your body. If you suspect bed bugs in your room make a fault report immediately.

Silverfish is common in areas where there are moisture, such as bathrooms. To keep them away, keep it clean, especially in the drains. Prevent humidity and moisture by leaving the bathroom door open.

Ants in the kitchen is often a sign of bad cleaning and crumbs of food on the floor. Keep it clean to keep them away.


For problems with the WiFi connection, contact Ownit.

Ownit: +46 8 525 07 300
Monday – Friday 08:00-22:00
Saturday – Sunday 10:00-19:00

Urgent matters after office hours

Contact Security Assistance for urgent matters after office hours that cannot wait until next working day. Such as water leakage, stop in the toilet, smashed window, leaking refrigerator.

Security Assistance: +4640-689 24 80

Make fault report

Do you give persission to the janitor/caretaker to access your room with the master key if you're not there?

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