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World renowned Marxist thinker to speak at Malmö University


As part of Malmö University’s Knowledge for Change seminar series, one of the world’s most cited Marxist sociologists will be giving a lecture on social knowledge and urban imaginations. 

Göran Therborn is an internationally renowned social scientist with Swedish roots. Despite having retired from his position as Professor of Sociology at Cambridge University, he still teaches and writes on topics such as anti-imperialism, inequality and radical theory.

Therborn is known for his highly cited, Marxian-influenced works such as From Marxism to Post-Marxism and Killing Fields of Inequality. These books, among others, have cemented his reputation as a leading social theorist.

On Thursday, January 18, Therborn will give a lecture titled Urban Imaginations and the social dynamics of the 21st century.

“Cities are where strangers meet, and where different imaginations compete. Urbanisation has succeeded globalisation as the buzzword of social discussion. I look at cities in the context of power relations and explain what that entails,” he says.

During the lecture, Therborn will discuss three perspectives on urbanisation in current international literature, referred to as the eagle perspective, a creator's perspective and the frog perspective.

“I won’t be criticising them, but I will mention a few points of dissent. I will then present my own perspective, which, with a mixture of mockery and respect, I refer to as the ‘perspective of a political flâneur’. Finally, I will conclude by underlining what I think should be the triple vocation of Malmö University: the self-reflective, the global and the urban.”

The event is open to everyone and will be moderated by Tapio Salonen, Professor of Social Work and Pro Vice-Chancellor at Malmö University.

Text: Maya Acharya

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